Bird Watching

Brahiny kiteSouth Straddie offers just a short walk across the island you are rewarded with unobstructed natural views to North Stradbroke Island and South to Coolangatta.This pristine ocean beach is deserted most of the week and is just full of life from the crystal ocean, and sand dunes to a myriad of bird life that are both permanent residents and migrating birds who are just passing through and those that come here to roost.

Brahminy Kites

Brahminy kite landingThe bird life is too large to mention but there are species like Osprey ‘s, Brahminy, and Whistling Kites, Pied Oyster Catches, Sand Pipers, Petrels, Egrets, Herons, Biterns & migrating Terns. The large sand and mud banks are fringed with Grasses, Reeds and mangrove wetlands and at low tide, they are all out there, even to the occasional Jabiru.

This is a bird watchers paradise.In this small and easily accessibly eco system one can view a whole structure in its entirety. More specicies which can be found in the area include Pied Oyster Catchers, Egret, Osprey, Pelican, and Tern.

There are no Dingoes, Dogs, or Cats as this is a National Park and there are heavy fines that apply if you bring these types of animals to the island.


The wildlife on the island is immense, but the more obvious species are the Golden Furred Wallabies and Black Footed Swamp


Wallabies, Kookaburras, 5′ long Goannas, Bandicoots just to name a few.